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Diese hier gezeigte Auswahl an Großformaten umfasst viele Werkgruppen und Jahre. Die Bilder gehören verschiedenen Bildserien an, die Sie nach eigenem Interesse unter folgenden Links wählen können:





"Art has nothing to do with taste. Art is not there to be tasted." (Max Ernst)

The above quote is one which I wholeheartedly agree with. I paint my way through all techniques and all themes which interest me - sometimes representationally, sometimes abstractly, but I don't have to let my work be determined by popular taste.

My representational work is "intellectual", because I am concerned with problematic subjects, which those concerned can only articulate or make public with difficulty themselves. I consider striking images to be appropriate. Posters should appeal, touch, irritate and animate. My art is never intended to be just pretty.

My abstract work is a welcome contrast to this - lavishly designed surfaces which have something special to offer the eye of the beholder, who can embark on a voyage of discovery, according to the maxim “It is, what it is”.

The large-format selection shown here encompasses many groups of work and years. The images belong to various series of pictures, which you can select according to your own interest from the following links



藝術與口味無關。藝術不是用來品的。我完全同意這名話。我運用所有的技巧作畫,畫的是所有我感興趣的主題 – 有時是有代表性的,有時是抽象性的,我不會讓大眾口味來決定我的作品。我的代表性作品是“理智的”,因為我關心的是有問題的主題,而那麼些與這些主題相關 的人自己都很難理解或向眾人解釋這些問題。我認為醒目的圖片會比較恰當。宣傳海報應該是引人注目、讓人感動、令人惱怒和有生氣的。我的藝術決不僅僅只是為 了好看。我的抽象性作品與此形成對比 – 根據格言“事實就是事實”,豐富的表面設計可以為觀賞者帶來某些特別的東西, 讓觀賞者開始一場發現之旅。這里展示的大幅面作品包含了許多作品組。這些圖像屬於不同的圖片系列,你可以根據你自己的喜好從下列連結中選擇。



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Ein sehr interessantes Angebot:  Mein VIDA DESIGN SHOP, Los Angeles, USA

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Yes, I do it!

Erica Carter
Head of Artist Relations


1177 Polk Street #303 |

San Francisco CA 94109
Phone: 1.877.529.VIDA |


I’m a huge fan of your artwork, and I am reaching out to see if you’d be open to becoming a collaborating artist with us here at VIDA. I think the aesthetics of your work are great for apparel prints and I’d love to see if you’d be open to working with us to transform your artwork into professionally manufactured elegant apparel.

I look forward to hearing from you!    Sincerely, Erica C.



Artexpo Winter Rome 2018
International art exhibition in Rome (Italy)

Eine sehr interessante EINLADUNG


Dear Johanna

We saw your art online on „International Masterbook“. After our very successful Artproject Miami 1.0, last December in Miami, we open now the registration for our next Artproject. Basel 1.0 will take place during the Art Basel Switzerland next June. You find more information on the official website 

2021 / Ausstellung Trofaiach Simonmühle kuratiert von meinem Künstlerfreund  Desmond Doyle

Termin wurde wegen COVID19 von 2020 auf 2021 verschoben



First Art Gallery


Art Reproduction
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